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San Francisco, CA 


San Francisco, CA 


Materials used at Billie Marie:

  • Vegetable-tanned Leather
  • Chrome-tanned Leather
  • Oil-tanned Leather
  • Solid Brass Hardware
  • Nickel Hardware
  • PVD Coated Matte Black Hardware 


Vegetable-tanned Leather

What it is 

Vegetable-tanned leather is known for its beautiful and classic look. The tanning process is more environmentally friendly than others using tannins naturally found in vegetable matter. This tanning process leaves the leather “untreated” and able to darken and soften with time.

What does this mean

Billie Marie items made from vegetable-tanned leather all have a light water-resistant coating on the outside.  With that said, please keep in mind that due to lack of chemicals in the tanning process, this leather will stain more easily than others in the beginning. Please avoid wearing the vegetable-tanned leather next to clothing with dark dyes that may transfer. 

The leather your new bag or wallet is made from  will look better as it ages! We love the look of this leather as it develops the characteristic soft patina (dark honey colors and soft texture) which will reduce the appearance of water marks and scuffs as well as protect the leather from future stains.

How to care for it

Apply a small drop of neatsfoot oil or mink oil (or unscented body lotion in a pinch!) with a soft, clean cotton cloth using a circular motion when the leather looks dry or feels brittle. If you do this every couple months, the leather will stay healthy and beautiful. The better you care for vegetable-tanned leather goods,  the nicer they will look throughout your lifetime.

If you spill something on a 100% vegetable-tanned bag, you can soak the item in room temperature water until the water has penetrated the leather. After you have gotten the item wet, place on a clean surface in the sun until it is completely dried through, for 1-2 days depending on the strength of the sun. Apply a heavy coat of moisture to the item after it has dried completely. Done! 

*Please note that you may see puckering on the surface of the leather from soaking it. This is not a perfect method and please try at your own risk. You can always bring the bag to us or ship it to us instead.


Chrome-tanned Leather

More information coming soon!


Oil-tanned Leather

More information coming soon!



Solid Brass Hardware

All gold colored hardware is made from solid brass on Billie Marie products. We believe in using materials which will last the decades and thus have decided not to use plastic hardware in any of our products.


Nickel Hardware

All silver colored hardware is made from solid nickel on Billie Marie products. 


PVD-coated Black Matte Hardware

All black colored hardware is made from PVD-coated solid brass on Billie Marie products. We grew frustrated with normal black metal hardware because it was spray painted and would chip within weeks of use. Our black hardware is now PVD-coated which is a much stronger and more chip-resistant finish.